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America: Coppers gone Wild

Let’s cut to the chase.
Eric Garner. Mike Brown, Sean Bell… Flashback. Amadou Diallo…. #involuntary Martyrdom.


I don’t think the brutality and excessive force even on to the point of death is a new phenomenon.

2 factors are contributing to the outburst in frequency of these events: One, the ubiquity of cell phone cameras. No one needs a jury these days. If you look long enough someone filmed it.
Secondly, the social media age has made the world a much smaller place. Not only most things don’t go ununnoticed, they get noticed rather quickly. For example, #Ferguson is as big as Ukraine and Iraq depending on the news channels you indulge in.

The formula in those specific events often goes as follow:
subject: Police.
Violent Verb: [insert Euphemism]
Object : Unarmed Black _______

I will explore this in my next blog post but hear me out: America’s relationship with the black community has been a nuptial where only one of the parties said “I do”…[unlike any other of America’s spouses]. Needless to say, in forced, arranged marriages, physical abuse is often inevitable.

The Jews in Egypt went through something similar. How did they get around it? Exodus. Tinkering thoughts….


Crimea votes. Should she be forced to play for the Team after she requested a trade ?

There is nothing , nothing more democratic than a referendum. A referendum is actually democracy by definition. By the people for the people!!!

If Biafrans want to secede from nigeria … Via a referendum… (…We know the end of that story)

Similarly If Crimeans want to ‘secede’ from Ukraine via a referendum… Let’s just say I am pretty sure we don’t need a Gallup Poll to predict the outcome of these votes…

Or hypothetically … Mmmh check this out, in the name of perspectives…. If Puerto Rico wanted to cut ties from USA… Via a referendum… Could the autonomy of Crimea vis-a-vis Ukraine be (loosely) comparable to that of PR… Towards the USA.. For the sake of perspectives, we shall make that leap. Now imagine how puerto RIcans would feel if they were told: you voted but you ain’t going nowhere. Or how would Mainland Americans feel about Puerto Ricans.

By virtue of such a referendum to even be mentioned, let alone take place, all ties between Kiev and south Eastern peninsula have been bruised, all relationships blistered, and the future shall never be the same. If the legitimacy of the Crimean referendum is rejected by the West … Crimea, forced to remain as part of Ukraine would be awkwardly unproductive. It’s like playing for a team after you’ve DEMANDED to be traded… It’s a soul-less body.

Oh yeah… But It’s not that straightforward, Darlington. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

Or is it ?


Here are my general thoughts… It is extremely patronizing and elitist of any external body to publically reject the vote of the people of another autonomous body.

Granted, Putin is flexing his neo-coldwar muscles. But it’s unfair to force Crimeans to live in the Ukraine that they rejected…

John Kerry should come home. The US has more than enough on its plate. And as for The EU, it’s a LOSE-LOSE situation… sad to say …Putin was tactical in Syria … His tactics in the Crimean Crisis aren’t short of a step ahead of the west’s Either. I guess It’s in his backyard after all.


Y Cook?

Everytime I make a meal, there is a quote that keeps echoing. It is funny, witty and unfortunately true. I am paraphrasing Mrs Adichie but here it goes:

“I find it terribly mind-boggling that some people will entrust such a key survival skill in the hands of others”

She was referring to Women being expected to cook for men.

I still chuckle at it.


Plastics vs. Babies.

This is one of the most unlikely boxing match with of course babies as ‘thee’ phenomenal underdog. The archetype of synthetic materials (polymers) disguised under the term plastics has shown its resiliency yet another time in making a baby’s life far less enjoyable then and thereafter.

After the huge scare of deadly substances primarily (Bisphenol A) in babies’ wonderland from toys to even bottles, new research seems to suggest that another Polymer, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) may contain a substance a bit more sophisticated in altering the normal growth of our dear little people. It’s weird. But worth noting. Studies may indicate that early exposure to these substances, can make the individual fatter. The simplest way to explain and I quote from Mr Kristoff:

Endocrine disruptors are a class of chemicals that mimic hormones and therefore confuse the body. Initially, they provoked concern because of their links to cancers and the malformation of sex organs. Those concerns continue, but the newest area of research is the impact that they have on fat storage.

Look at the data. America is undeniably obese. While there are multiple plausible causes for the latter, these substances, referred to as obesogens are worth a serious probe. And I agree, this in my opinion is a more constructive approach to reducing healthcare cost in America. Longterm, It will avoid those painful fiscal cliffs thug of wars.


No ReSolutions. Simply Solutions

…  It’s been quite a while since  I last blogged.

2012 was without a shadow of doubt a busy year, nonetheless nothing short of Amazing. #Grace 

Top Three Highlights of 2012:

1- Dr Abanulo. Still sounds a bit awkward. The fullness of time had come for me to defend and get out.  The honor of doing it in front of my parents who flew from Ivorycoast. Priceless!  So Long CT!…My alma Mater was kind enough to summarize quite a bit in this article.

2- Uncle Chidi. Yes I have a little nephew, Christian Jayden. And whomever had the bright idea of making me the godfather 🙂 … He will grow up in the ways of the Lord. (Rest Assured) !

3- Mr. Darlington. Last but certainly not least, though work is in progress. .. In terms of personal development, 2012 has been a year of growth.   Came out more mature in the spiritual, professional, sociological, and  psychological realm. And physically as well…

In twenty-Thirteen… I shall…well, No ReSolutions. Simply Solutions. solutions

The Nigerian Revolution. #OccupyNigeria and #FuelSubsidy Removal.

The Consequences of things do not always corroborate with the magnitude of the event that has caused them. Forexample, it would be ‘nostradamesque’  to predict  that the assassination of the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, would have caused one of the greatest wars on earth thus far, mainly The First World War .

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa is on edge. Notorious for corruption at all levels has been recently stricken with Acts of Terrorism from the self-acclaimed group Boko Haram. Nigeria, albeit Africa’s biggest oil producer, imports refined petrol due to mismanagement and lack of resources to refine oil into petrol and other fuels. Many pundits  affirm that Nigerians regard cheap fuel as the only benefit they get from the nation’s oil wealth.

Then on the Dawn of 2012, Jonathan Goodluck does the unthinkable: A Removal of a fuel subsidy, which in turn causes  petrol prices and transport fares to double.

Let’s look at the numbers:

If gas price goes from 3.25 $ a gal to nearly 7$ a gal in the US, it is almost guaranteed that America will undergo a revolution.  So the anger is justified. Folks are allowed to march. But I SEE BEYOND THAT.

The subsidy removal, like the assassination of Franz could possible be the event that sets a cascade of revolution in Subsaharian Africa. We have just witnessed the Arab spring in 2011. Lo and behold, in 2012 the movement spreads south, until, from Cairo to CapeTown, Africa is purged of its malaise, mainly a phenomenon comparable to “an Ostwald Ripening”  where the wealthy over time strip the poor into poverty, by bypassing, amending, disrespecting the constitution when they see fit.

Most may direct their anger at President Goodluck, for his failed policies and his inability to protect Nigerians from Boko Haram. But I propose something slightly different, perhaps even revolutionary.

I say thank you Jonathan. You’re the good luck Nigeria has been waiting for. For the first time, since I can recall, a decision from the top, the highest office, has in a very direct way affected, the ailing people at the lowest of the lowest. This is important, because in Nigeria, like in most other african countries, citizens are so far removed from the political process. So far in that when they are passionately involved, the majority of them of course, it is for the wrong reasons. Now the subsidy removal, in a singular way, I can assure you, will engage an electoral process that is based on substance and plans of the candidate, rather than tribe affiliation. And in such cases, indifference, which has been rampant in the citizen predisposition to its leaders (at home and abroad), raises questions of sanity.

Randall Terry said “Most of the Ten Commandments are negative. The purpose of Law is not to mandate good behavior. That concept comes from a REVOLUTION” precisely the French One. In the words of a Nigerian Activist Japheth Omojuwa himself, a personal inspiration in the twitter world for me as well: “NIGERIA HAS JUST EARNED HERS”

Darlington’s Dozen for 2012.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So long 2011. Hello 2012.

It’s the first day in the year 2012. It is thus befitting to list 12 things that I look forward to with great anticipation in this upcoming year.

12- London #2012 . I have always treasured the Olympics and I will forever welcome the joy that, on one hand the competition brings to hearts of so many, most especially mine and on the other hand, the potential of such events (second to the world cup of course) to sow tighter bonds among humans.

11- Fareed Zakaria coined 2012: “The year of elections”  All in All, a whooping 59 countries will be tallying up votes constituting a third of the world’s nations. 26 possible new heads of states. Together, these changes could  potentially affect 53% of the world’s population, representing half of the world’s GDP. And a lot of the change is concentrated in the world’s most powerful countries. More specifically I look forward to the  2012 Presidential elections in the United States of America. Not sure exactly why, but should the unexpected happen, i.e. Obama NOT be reelected, I am positive, from the few debates I have witnessed that we will witness a major shift in the paradigm of governance in America. That could be interesting.

10- Believe it or not, folks, It’s been 10 years since I have been out of High School. Refrain from doing consequential math. Just know that I am old.  Thus I look forward to heading out the hills of Berkshire in Western Mass. There I hope to rekindle friendships. St Joseph Central High School Reunion, Here I come.

9- It would hurt not to make it part of my list. A message for the terrorist group that has engineered mindless suffering in the lives of so many Nigerians over the past year and more: BOKO HARAM. In the language of my forefathers (Igbo),  perhaps It’d be proper to say BIKO HARA’ ANYI AKA (please leave us alone [in peace])

8-This is more personal. It’s a challenge to myself for those who know me. I invite you to make it a challenge for yourself as well: TO LOVE MORE DEEPLY. I pledge not to hide behind the complexities of the scientific method, as i confess i have often done. I will let down my guards , and just LOVE. This, by no means will abolish the Old Darlington, but rather, contribute to make me more whole.

7- The Apocalypse. So says the Mayan calendar. Quite frankly, i always thought that 2013 would have made more sense [thirteen, duh]. ***Shaking my head*** Not to feed into the non-sense, I urge everyone to consider that the very present could be the very end. Thus Pray as if all depended on God, and Work as if everything depended on you.

6- In Sports, I look forward to Manchester City (EPL) and The Miami Heat (NBA) and their journey to the top. Dear Man U Fans  and Lakers, Tis a new year.

5- 12/12/12 – My father’s birthday calls for a potential visit to Nigeria.

4 – Last but certainly not least, I WILL defend, and finally, free at last…Darlington C Abanulo, Ph.D. will see the light this year, In Jesus Name.




Well what about the top 3? They say God looks at our plans and laughs. I opted then to leave them open for one reason: So that after He is done laughing, He can bless me beyond what I can possibly conceive…then I will return to this very post and fill them in :).

With wishes of health, joy, peace and faith for 2012. Happy New Year’s To You and Yours.