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America: Coppers gone Wild

Let’s cut to the chase.
Eric Garner. Mike Brown, Sean Bell… Flashback. Amadou Diallo…. #involuntary Martyrdom.


I don’t think the brutality and excessive force even on to the point of death is a new phenomenon.

2 factors are contributing to the outburst in frequency of these events: One, the ubiquity of cell phone cameras. No one needs a jury these days. If you look long enough someone filmed it.
Secondly, the social media age has made the world a much smaller place. Not only most things don’t go ununnoticed, they get noticed rather quickly. For example, #Ferguson is as big as Ukraine and Iraq depending on the news channels you indulge in.

The formula in those specific events often goes as follow:
subject: Police.
Violent Verb: [insert Euphemism]
Object : Unarmed Black _______

I will explore this in my next blog post but hear me out: America’s relationship with the black community has been a nuptial where only one of the parties said “I do”…[unlike any other of America’s spouses]. Needless to say, in forced, arranged marriages, physical abuse is often inevitable.

The Jews in Egypt went through something similar. How did they get around it? Exodus. Tinkering thoughts….


China’s Shopping Cart.

One of my favorite blogs to pass time on is Kim Jong Il looks at things, primarily because it is timeless. Granted, I haven’t had much time to blog lately, but I decided specifically today to create something similar, which I will from hereon I term “China’s shopping cart”.

The Asian powerhouse has a lot of money. What looks like retail therapy to some, actually has an undertone. China wants to be number one. Everyone does. But China has slightly a different approach to become #1: They will buy their way into it and if it means buying the number one of anything to become number one, then so be it. In economic theory, that may sound perfectly legit, but the idea that you are #1 has very little thing to do with money. cough, cough Manchester City. lol  This statement is true only for those who don’t worship gold coins. And so without further ado….

P.S: This shopping cart is a costco-sized shopping cart, with the IKEA wheels on it, not your regular walmart one that persists on going towards your right 😛

1– The Ivorian Superstar, Didier Drogba fresh off a win of the most prestigious title in club football: The Champion’s league was added to “China’s Shopping Cart” at an estimated 15 million dollars a year by Shangai Shenhua.Dont be mad at me. Vent your frustrations at this article or this one.

So that was really what startled me into writing this post. But with a little more research, guess what I found.

2Western Art: China has equally taken the art market by storm, buying the prosperous Picasso “Femmes lisant” at Sotheby’s for $21.4m and a Michelangelo black-chalk drawing at Christie’s for £3.2m ($5m). To the point that at Sotheby’s or Christie’s , the joke is whenever you see an Asian face the prices go up by 10 per cent. Read More here.

Why art? Why pay that much money for Art? when arguably China has some of the best art in the world, granted markedly different from western culture. Because, and this is my opinion, #thethirst for being validated.

3- Africa. Wait, did China really buy Africa? Well to be politically correct, no. They only bought African leaders. But the dissertation  of the neo-colonization of some African countries (give or take) emancipating from “Francafrique to Chinafrique” will not consume me this morning. I rebuke it :). But I urge you to feel free and indulge. Start here if you are bilingual.   Image

4. IBM, the computer division. This needs no explanation. If you had an IBM thinkpad, and now you have a lenovo thinkpad, you will see my point. No more comments on this.  Granted, that’s a bit of older news, but here is some more info on China buying the computer giant.

5. I came accross this picture on google. And I was like, wait someone thought of my title before. A picture is worth a thousand words:


….Regardless of how you feel, it is happening. Is it good or bad? I don’t know. But It’s chinese.


The Nigerian Revolution. #OccupyNigeria and #FuelSubsidy Removal.

The Consequences of things do not always corroborate with the magnitude of the event that has caused them. Forexample, it would be ‘nostradamesque’  to predict  that the assassination of the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, would have caused one of the greatest wars on earth thus far, mainly The First World War .

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa is on edge. Notorious for corruption at all levels has been recently stricken with Acts of Terrorism from the self-acclaimed group Boko Haram. Nigeria, albeit Africa’s biggest oil producer, imports refined petrol due to mismanagement and lack of resources to refine oil into petrol and other fuels. Many pundits  affirm that Nigerians regard cheap fuel as the only benefit they get from the nation’s oil wealth.

Then on the Dawn of 2012, Jonathan Goodluck does the unthinkable: A Removal of a fuel subsidy, which in turn causes  petrol prices and transport fares to double.

Let’s look at the numbers:

If gas price goes from 3.25 $ a gal to nearly 7$ a gal in the US, it is almost guaranteed that America will undergo a revolution.  So the anger is justified. Folks are allowed to march. But I SEE BEYOND THAT.

The subsidy removal, like the assassination of Franz could possible be the event that sets a cascade of revolution in Subsaharian Africa. We have just witnessed the Arab spring in 2011. Lo and behold, in 2012 the movement spreads south, until, from Cairo to CapeTown, Africa is purged of its malaise, mainly a phenomenon comparable to “an Ostwald Ripening”  where the wealthy over time strip the poor into poverty, by bypassing, amending, disrespecting the constitution when they see fit.

Most may direct their anger at President Goodluck, for his failed policies and his inability to protect Nigerians from Boko Haram. But I propose something slightly different, perhaps even revolutionary.

I say thank you Jonathan. You’re the good luck Nigeria has been waiting for. For the first time, since I can recall, a decision from the top, the highest office, has in a very direct way affected, the ailing people at the lowest of the lowest. This is important, because in Nigeria, like in most other african countries, citizens are so far removed from the political process. So far in that when they are passionately involved, the majority of them of course, it is for the wrong reasons. Now the subsidy removal, in a singular way, I can assure you, will engage an electoral process that is based on substance and plans of the candidate, rather than tribe affiliation. And in such cases, indifference, which has been rampant in the citizen predisposition to its leaders (at home and abroad), raises questions of sanity.

Randall Terry said “Most of the Ten Commandments are negative. The purpose of Law is not to mandate good behavior. That concept comes from a REVOLUTION” precisely the French One. In the words of a Nigerian Activist Japheth Omojuwa himself, a personal inspiration in the twitter world for me as well: “NIGERIA HAS JUST EARNED HERS”

Siri (iPhone) is Pro-life.

“Computerized Morality”.  In the latest news, Siri, the Iphone software, often referred to as “personal assistant” has inserted herself in the hotly debated abortion discourse.

Yep that’s right, If you’re looking to get an abortion, don’t ask Siri because she may just be pro-life. Of course, this did not resonate very well with the liberal, left-wing, “pro-choice” , who went as far as questioning APPLE on the matter. Apple called it a glitch….really, a glitch? Conspiracy theorists have accused Apple  to provide SOME MUCH NEEDED assistance to the “life” lobby. After all, they note, Steve Jobs was the adopted illegitimate son of precisely the sort of young mother who might be tempted to seek an abortion.

When asked: Why Siri , are you anti-abortion?, she replies chirpily: “I just am!”. As simple as that. And that’s where the buck stops.

This made me think. In this day and age, a society, both individualistic and in the midst of a tech revolution of an unparalleled magnitude,  could form the perfect breeding ground for Siri the former personal assistant, to mature into a personal coach, perhaps a personal better version of whom you aspire to be. Could it be just possible, that one day in the near future, one would walk into an apple store and have the choice to purchase a Siri (R) or a Siri (D) , a Siri (catholic) or a Siri (scientologist), a Siri (Nigerian) or a Siri (American). After all, it’d only be a matter of software development to adapt the specific answers to a particular school of thought.

Evidently, asking a mere machine what to do has its perks. However, I can see how, pardon my naivete, some positive things can come out of it: i.e.: Whom else would form a better personal everything:


Reform in Nigeria : Who to Follow on Twitter

While everyone contributes in a tweet or two to spreading the word and raising awareness in the many ailing areas of Nigeria, these twitter accounts are in a special way linked to specific reforms in an attempt to dare I say “better” the most populous country of Africa.

– @bubusn – for #LightNigeria – need not be said, his tweets literally aid in sparking energy that we soon hope will contribute to lighting up Nigeria.

– @tejucole – a personal favorite, with his wit and peculiar way of ‘syntaxing’ his tweets, he is a media reform guru.

– @OMOJUWA. Not enough can be said of his fight against corruption and for the upbringing of genuinely better citizens of Nigeria. He wills and tweets it into existence with his #OMOJUWA24 hashtag.

– @ebuka is what I dubbed your casual ‘HeadlineNewsNigeria’ twitter account of all things sports, culture and Pop, and ‘stuffs’ that would resonate with the young vibrant revolutionary twitter demographic.

I will follow up and update this list as I come across more activist for a Better Nigeria.

Follow me @SirDarlington.

Beware of Freudian Slips – #ObamaGotOsama

OBamagotOSama…. I hear pundits, vibrant with healthy skepticism,  and ironically following the sunday where Doubting Thomas’ was the Gospel reading calling it the biggest BS of our time especially upon hearing the conditions by which the villain  and “successor of hitler” was laid to rest.

This is not a commentary on the death of Osama, although I must say that I am eager to write one, but I must wait and observe the unfolding of the different events happening around this topic.

I am thus limited to comment on the speech yesterday, given by the president of United States of America, which will most arguably be one of the top benchmarks of his presidency . It had a quotable that exemplifies the rhetoric genius that I always praised Pres. Obama for:

“Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader , he was a mass murderer of muslims ” – Obama


It was important that  the president alienates the acts of Bin Laden, a self-proclaimmed criminal, apart from the islamic religion.
Shortly after the speech, I tweeted:
“It is reconcilable to have a major stride AGAINST terrorism, and FOR Islam… Obama did a good job in relaying that.” – @sirdarlington
Instead of writing a full commentary,  I have logically decided to have a live-updating compilation of the few, but notable articles/blogs/commentaries that I read on this subject. So without further ado…..
-Ezra Klein, of the washington Post has a great OBL list.
Pakistan does have a lot of explaining to do. I agree with Sen Carl Levin. Wonder how Karzai  feels about all this as in “I told you he wasnt here” – Don’t you just love Politicians, soooo predictable.
Perhaps one of the most fascinating stories, is the live twitter-er ( his twitter page can be found here) who was tweeting leisurely (and without knowledge) the biggest mission Operation of our decade…This could be the most plausible alibi against the pundits who are still doubting. And more reasons to get a twitter account.
And by the way, For one’s sake can someone tell Hamas to sit down….!!!
Last but not least for now, NOT ENOUGH CREDIT CAN BE GIVEN TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO CONTINUOUSLY PUT THEMSELVES IN HARM’S WAY.Read this fascinating record of “the secret team that killed Bin Laden”
… Between a Royal Wedding, A death and A beatification, the Month of May is announcing itself with a bang….Heck, call it jobsecurity for the media…. !
Cheers, for now, see you soon.

GK Chesterton on Nanotechnology?

I recently attended the filming of an upcoming series, Saints Alive . It was done at the Basilica of the Immaculate conception, this past week end ( What an amazing edifice, beauty in essence). The show was basically the coming back of Saints who were asked rather contemporary questions…(St Augustine, St Gemma and St Gregory the Great were the ones who graced us with their presence – literally-)

One of the ones that made my night was a little girl in her early teens, came up asking St Gregory  his thoughts on modern feminism. After a brief and very reflective pause, the peaceful and undeterred man answered :

“When a girl ceases to blush, she looses the charm of her beauty” 

I was blown away by that answer that was so concise yet with such a conscious level of depth that transcends the world we live in.

So I began to ask myself what would some men and women that I admire would think about “nano”. Thus I took my mic and with the help UCONN home-grown Professor Ronald Mallet, I travelled back into TIME… to question the minds of whose shoulder we stand on. 

So When I asked Gilbert Keith Chesterton 

What do you think about the progress and vision that Nanotechnology potentially puts forth for humanity?

With the wit that is so characteristic of him, GK Chesterton answered: 

hahaha, Darlington, you never cease to amaze me.. what is progress??? Progress is a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative.Progress should mean that we are always changing the world to fit the vision, instead we are always changing the vision.

On nanotechnology, Men invent new ideals because they dare not attempt old ideals. They look forward with enthusiasm, because they are afraid to look back. My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday. Besides none of the modern machines, none of the modern paraphernalia. . . have any power except over the people who choose to use them.

Looks like my dear friend GK Chesterton doesn’t quite buy the hype around nanotechnology. After a few attempts of me trying to make a case for the science of the 22nd century, GKC persisted: 

“The modern world is a crowd of very rapid racing cars all brought to a standstill and stuck in a block of traffic. Darlington, shall i remind you that whatever it is that you do you must remember this, young bloke, to have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it – Be careful and I pray that God smiles on you.”

On those kind words, my time was up…Prof Ron Mallet couldn’t squeeze any more seconds out of his time machine. I was back ……at UCONN(relatively unfortunate). Still that wasn’t enough to dissolve the perpetual smile I had.

Perhaps I belongeth in the 20th century.