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#SandraBland and #Changeling

We aren’t aware of all the facts. True.

But to somehow insinuate that Sandra Bland taking her own life exonerates the Police department in question, I think, speaks highly of the moral depravity we have been digging ourselves into as a culture.

Timing couldn’t be any more perfect. I saw Changeling yesterday on netflix. And yes I highly recommend it. It gives a very clear perspective of the consequences when the deadly cocktail of Injustice mixed with Power is given to a group of people with Authority. NOT ONE SINGLE living soul would in their right mind argue that, had Christine Collins (wonderfully played by Angelina Jolie) taken her own life as a result of the sequence of events #NoSpoiler, would somehow vindicate LAPD? C’mon!!!

photo 3

The irreversible fact is that a life was lost. Suicide or not, those  famous red stripes are turning crimson from Sandra Bland’s  blood stains. #BlackLivesMatter #joiedeVivre