#ASHWednesday: The Beginning of Lent.

Lenten Reflections. [2.18.15]

During Mother Angelica’s led morning rosary[1], on the second luminous mystery – The wedding at Cana – I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the following:

– The beginning of lent and my resolve to draw closer to Christ, often ending Lent on the resurrecting joy of Easter, yet feeling pretty mediocre about the expectations and goals I set for myself during Lent. #pathetic

– Jesus began his public ministry by changing water into wine, and ultimately ending his public ministry by turning wine into his blood. #perfection

And so with these ashes I received yesterday, I begin the last Lenten season of my 20’s [2] on #ASHtag Wednesday.

In my opinion, there is a lot of salvific wisdom is acknowledging that Christ started his public ministry on the miracle of turning water into wine. What does it mean for me and how does it relate to the beginning of lent?


Water was available. Water is ordinary. Water proved necessary.

#Available: Yes. Funny enough, at work, before I schedule meetings with my boss, I check his outlook calendar. And it quickly becomes frustrating when I can’t even sync-up a time for us to meet. Same with God: The good news is that God is ALWAYS available, that’s never been the question. The conundrum is ME! My availability is the prerequisite for us to meet. I need to make myself available for God, present to Christ in all time. End of story.  It makes no sense for him to use me, if I have little to no time carved out to draw a POA “plan of action” together, whether it be in the form of charity, fasting, but most importantly prayer. Availability connotes receptivity. All the great saints made themselves available. Mary was most certainly available. Eve was not available, she was busy.

#Ordinary:  Yes. By virtue of my availability, I humble myself enough to become ordinary to Christ. This is what I for long failed to realize. It’s not about what I do (give up) for Lent. It took me nearly three decades to understand that it’s all about how I make myself available, how ordinary/humble I become to Christ. It is often said, Christ doesn’t call those who are equipped, He equips those he calls. This is so true, and even beyond true, it is necessary. You know why? Its precisely why Paul says “so that no man may boast before God”[3]. So just as I am, no crazy resolutions of long lists of giving things up, just good ol’ ordinary me resolving to squeeze time.

#Necessary: Hear this out – This is the counterintuitive part; Water was necessary for the miracle at Cana, only because water was ordinary, and this was so, for the extraordinary to take place. Christ could have used just about anything he wanted, why WATER? Because water ORDINARY. How often do we fall into the trap of falsely equating importance and needfulness with material rarities[4], bodily pleasures[5].  In contrast, Water is colorless, has no taste, no odor, yet the most essential of all our needs. This is a constant reminder to strip ourselves from distractions.

This lent, my resolve is to be like water molecules. What exactly happened to those water molecules at Cana. Personally, I think they blushed, when they finally met their maker. Ever wondered what blushing water looks like? WINE!

I too want to blush. This lent, I hope to make myself available, so that I become ordinary to Christ, hoping that Christ deems it necessary to use me to draw others close to Him.

On Easter, I hope to build on this and talk about the second part of the miracle, namely:

Water into Wine necessitates #Encounter with Christ which illustrates the thematic spirit of Lent. Just as the physical change in the substance of water into the substance of Wine, lent aims at catalyzing sensible amendment to our lives for or upon  that unique encounter with Christ.

Parallel that to Wine into Blood necessitating #Faith in Christ, the thematic spirit of the Resurrection. Here too, the seemingly unchanged wine (in appearance), taking on the new form of His Blood, aims at calling into mind our disposition vis-a-vis Christ, by FAITH alone, not senses[6]. .

The goal is to become Christ-like through His Blood. The revolution will not stop at the Merlot! 😉

Please allow me, to wish you and yours a fruitful lent. Remain Blessed


[1] EWTN radio TR 2:30-3AM PT

[2] For the first time in my life, I started lent with a full 24- hour FULL fast (water only) on Ash Wednesday.

[3] 1 Corinthians 1: 29

[4] Diamond, Shoes, Money

[5] Sex, food, our own “happiness”

[6] I draw inspiration here from St Thomas Aquinas Pange Lingua- “On the night of that Last Supper, seated with His chosen band,He, the Paschal Victim eating, first fulfils the Law’s command; then as Food to His Apostles gives Himself with His own Hand. Word-made-Flesh, the bread of nature by His Word to Flesh He turns; wine into His Blood He changes; what though sense no change discerns?Only be the heart in earnest, faith her lesson quickly learns.”


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