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2013 in tweets… @sirdarlington

1. @SirDarlington: “You must remember to love people and use things, rather than to love things and use people.” ― Fulton J. @FultonSheen

2. @SirDarlington: Why do we yell when angry? Esp. when the person is right next to you.
•••Physical vs Emotional distance•••
The latter controls our decibels.

3. @SirDarlington: “You are the burden I carry on my back as I make my way to salvation , you are my cross to bear, you are my original sin” – #scandal

4. @SirDarlington: 2000 years ago, HIS DEITY was the hottopic. Today we have stooped so low to talk about his RACE..Race..We’re talking about the race of God??? #Jesus

5. @SirDarlington: Soccer will be serious in america the day 51% of americans call it football. Until then every world cup will be just three friendlies. #WC2014 #WCdraw

6. @SirDarlington: Wow. Mandela was 11 when MLK Jr was Born. #perspectives #MADIBA

7. @SirDarlington: Today is the youngest you’ll ever be.

8. @SirDarlington: “Compromise used to mean that half a loaf was better than no bread. Now, it seems to mean that half a loaf is better than a whole loaf.” GKC

9. @SirDarlington: Selfie is the word of the year??? def. generational …did “twerk” at least make it to the finals?
What about Hashtag… ???

10. @SirDarlington: HA ..COSTCO’s BIBLE is in the fiction department.
Well the upside is we call reality TV “real” …. this is generational.

11. @SirDarlington: The LAW, so that we seek Grace.
GRACE, so that we keep the Law.

12. @SirDarlington: – In a normal uncorrupted world : saying “strong women” is redundant. – I really believe this.

13. @SirDarlington: Congrats to the young Naija Boys on winning the WORLD CUP. (U17). If it were up to me, U all will be playing next year as a unit in Brazil.

14. @SirDarlington: “Without the mercy that Christ came to enflesh, I know myself to be less than zero”
#profound Regis Martin in the blessings of Sin…

15. @SirDarlington: I also do concurr Olivia Pope is giving side chicks hope one episode at a time. lol (that was a meme, not my words)#scandal

16. @SirDarlington: Would you be shocked if Putin won the Nobel. He did stop a war in #Syria.

17. @SirDarlington: So you mean to tell me noone is winning from this THEATRICAL GOV’T SHUTDOWN.

18. @SirDarlington: In God we Trust! All others MUST bring Data.

19. @SirDarlington: “Tell me how I m suppose to breathe with no air” –
Better get that oxygen tank son.

20. @SirDarlington: “If the snake doesn’t show its venom, little kids will use it for firewood” – Igbo Proverb CLEARLY….been slacking

21. @SirDarlington: Not all that is legal is right … For example stupidity.

22. @SirDarlington: “For Trayvon to rest in peace, we must all be peaceful”