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I came accross this meme/photo on facebook with the encryption: “I do What I want”

lol, …. and off i WENT running in my mind….this picture is quite deep!!

this is what liberals call “freedom”
this is what African Presidents do with “AID”
this is colonization (french precisely)
this is what the heat served the Spurs (yesterday)…
this is what some say Lebron did to the CAVS
this is what the Serpent sold EVE..
this is what “she” did, hubby be like “I love the crust”
this is what “education” consist of these days…
this is the 10% we give back to God…smh
this is rape…… #shotsfired
this is what the Catholic Church means by Contraception
this is NOT giving, This is taking.
this is individualism!…..
this is what Big Corporations do in Politics
this is a syndrom of an only child.
this is Child Abuse…
this is Divorce…

this is great concept in photography….. say cheese!

Disclaimmer: In no way I am equating all these…I’m just guiding the mind to illustrate concepts with ALL THAT A PIZZA, a large PIZZA brings to the table…..


Magna Carta Holy Grail….wait Jay-Z did what?


From HipHop Mogul to owning part of the Brooklyn Nets, to deciding to represent Top athletes (the likes of KD, Kevin Durant) as an Agent, to now striking major deal with tech Giant, Samsung. Jay-Z sold a million Album, before you and I knew there were ever an Album…. Now all that is impressive. Clearly the 43 years old entrepreneur has a knack for marketing…He is not a businessman, remember, he is a business, mehn!!!

But that isnt what we’re blogging about today. Let’s play some word association:






Clearly there is a very dynamic trend… and It’s no astrophysics what that trend may be.  I am not thinking illuminati or all the conspiracies either.


I am Christian. I just find it ironic that “they” are becoming very PREDICTABLE in their UNoriginal attempt to parallel Christianity.  Ironic? yes. precisely that. Any ounce of ’emotions’ for this pseudo-movement might give it some unwarranted credibility. It is Ironic because I’d like to argue that the name “Yeezus” doesn’t add anything substantial to what we already know about ‘YE, but gives an authentic credence in a subtle way to the unanimity of Jesus, true God and true Man. How? it is simple…

Essentially, the harder we try to copy a thing, the greater must be the value of that very thing…. Think of the Mona Lisa being replicated or any of Picasso’s invaluable pieces. The copy could never rival the original, not today, not back then, not tomorrow.

The frenchies say : “Toujours imite, mais jamais egale!

So yes. Ironic!