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Plastics vs. Babies.

This is one of the most unlikely boxing match with of course babies as ‘thee’ phenomenal underdog. The archetype of synthetic materials (polymers) disguised under the term plastics has shown its resiliency yet another time in making a baby’s life far less enjoyable then and thereafter.

After the huge scare of deadly substances primarily (Bisphenol A) in babies’ wonderland from toys to even bottles, new research seems to suggest that another Polymer, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) may contain a substance a bit more sophisticated in altering the normal growth of our dear little people. It’s weird. But worth noting. Studies may indicate that early exposure to these substances, can make the individual fatter. The simplest way to explain and I quote from Mr Kristoff:

Endocrine disruptors are a class of chemicals that mimic hormones and therefore confuse the body. Initially, they provoked concern because of their links to cancers and the malformation of sex organs. Those concerns continue, but the newest area of research is the impact that they have on fat storage.

Look at the data. America is undeniably obese. While there are multiple plausible causes for the latter, these substances, referred to as obesogens are worth a serious probe. And I agree, this in my opinion is a more constructive approach to reducing healthcare cost in America. Longterm, It will avoid those painful fiscal cliffs thug of wars.



Scandal. [Episode: One for the Dog]

I wanted to properly vent my thoughts. I needed the platform. My blog volunteered.

This is one of the few episodes I actually recall watching live since its [scandal] inception. And to be fair, the plot took a tremendous jump as quite a bit happened in this episode, Here are my top ten thoughts about the show, thus far, most precisely this episode.

My conspiracies are mine and mine alone. My opinion is mine and mine alone.

1- The two most important men in her life [nearly] died. Huck and Fitz. This is a blanket statement. True Love is what Huck has for Liv, in my opinion. Everything else in this show is debatable.

2-  This episode was heavy in constitutional Law. It’s almost on purpose, or maybe just timely with all the [american] news going on [debt ceiling, firearms, benghazi…etc]

3- What was on the fifth page of Huck’s file? The plan to catch the real killer??? I need some help decoding that.

4-I am still debating which is more tolerable: Cyrus’ walk or Liv’s facial expressions…lol #ICAN’T. Conversely no one outdoes Cyrus when it comes to monologues!!! He is a beast. and Liv, she is just Pope. #NOPUNINTENDED.Image

5-Must the bad guy be from Tejas? lol lol lol .I must say: that decoy plan to move Fitz to Camp David was James Bond-esque!!!

6-The senator. Good Intentions, Bad time. Lots of ‘senators’ in real life.  ***raises hand***

7- However let me say this: Kerry Washington must have relayed some tarantino tips on how to splash  plasma on windows to the producers of Scandal. For a second I thought they chained Django, I mean Huck, lol. That scene was bloody Bad! {British Accent}.

8- The first lady, yes, used to be the smartest character. The vice president is giving her a run for her money. That shifted the balance tremendously. The core [Mellie/Cyrus/Liv] is slowly fading.

9- Pope and Associates’ is slowly and gradually becoming irrelevant. Is it just me?

10- Last but not least: Quote of the episode: “We are shredding the constitution like confetti”. It rang deep only because it’s done daily in most African republics, and, as we speak live in Mali and CAR, to name a few.

Regardless, I think we are nearing the end…. Next episode is called “A criminal, a whore, an idiot and a Liar” Can ya guess who??? A Season 3 might be a tall order. But it IS Shonda… and where there is a will, she finds her way.

January and Nanotechnology.


Schematic of a Janus nanoparticle. Their properties can be tuned for desirable applications. The blue part could love water (hydrophilic), the yellow part could hate water (hydrophobic).

This is about two years ago. I am walking in the lecture auditorium of the Institute of Materials Science at UCONN. I am pretty sure I was late, scrambling to get some coffee and left over donuts at the entrance to this seminar. The talk was given by a professor, Steve Granick from the University of Illinois (UC), and he was talking about some nanoparticles called “Janus particle” because of their “two-faced” nature… I’ll spare you the science.

But from the moment he said Janus, my eyes lit up. And that’s because i am in love with words. The etymology of a word is like a peephole into its world. Of course I immediately thought of January.



Could Janus nanoparticles and January be etymologically related?  Lo’ and Behold, they are. Janus is an ancient roman god, with two faces, gazing at the past and the future, believed to be the god of transitions and new beginnings. Those nanoparticles are named after him. and so is the first month of the year.

Thus, the month of resolutions, new beginnings is named January.

As a side note: Why would someone want something as chaotic as a janus particle? For the same reason Man and Woman humble themselves and join as one. It is a ‘JANUine’ act.  It is really!!  You get very very interesting properties. lol , so i was told.

No ReSolutions. Simply Solutions

…  It’s been quite a while since  I last blogged.

2012 was without a shadow of doubt a busy year, nonetheless nothing short of Amazing. #Grace 

Top Three Highlights of 2012:

1- Dr Abanulo. Still sounds a bit awkward. The fullness of time had come for me to defend and get out.  The honor of doing it in front of my parents who flew from Ivorycoast. Priceless!  So Long CT!…My alma Mater was kind enough to summarize quite a bit in this article.

2- Uncle Chidi. Yes I have a little nephew, Christian Jayden. And whomever had the bright idea of making me the godfather 🙂 … He will grow up in the ways of the Lord. (Rest Assured) !

3- Mr. Darlington. Last but certainly not least, though work is in progress. .. In terms of personal development, 2012 has been a year of growth.   Came out more mature in the spiritual, professional, sociological, and  psychological realm. And physically as well…

In twenty-Thirteen… I shall…well, No ReSolutions. Simply Solutions. solutions