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” I get a lot of strife for thinking that “doing what I want to do” is of course easier (but certainly not better) than “doing what I ought to do” .

The former is thought to be freedom (a.k.a. YOLO). The latter IS freedom . ” –




 The modern man has grown accustom to despising (yes, strong words) the concept of Authority. We want to be our own authority. But such behavior leads to decadence. Most will disagree but here is the truth:

Suppose I was to enter a room, with a sign hung at the door that said : FREEDOM. To my great ‘satisfaction’, upon entering the room, I see the woman of my dreams. Let’s call here Eve. Eve is beautiful, irresistible, and of course tantalizing. Eve happens to be under the cover, naked. Ayye!

What I would want to do isn’t appropriate for a blog.

What I ought to do is request to give her some clothing.

Which is freedom?

Freedom, as popularly misunderstood isn’t the choice of having sex vs. not having sex. Freedom is rather the disposition of electing not to have sex. This sounds shocking, doesn’t it?  But let’s think about this. I am free, therefore I walked out. I am free because I am not a slave of my carnal desires. Let’s illustrate it in a different realm, because SEX usually prevents people from thinking clearly, lol.

Suppose we put a bottle of Hennessy before an alcoholic.

We would logically say that  the alcoholic is free (of his addiction), because he refused the drink. He did what he ought to. We all know what he wants to do.

It would be disingenuous to think of even claiming that the alcoholic is free to drink (if he pleases). He isn’t free because He cannot say no. That would be condoning a suicide, ok maybe not so harsh, more like tolerating mediocrity. Well this is exactly what YOLO entails. – [YOLO – You only live once]

So can we please stop using that word inappropriately. “I am free to do what I want” is a self-refuting  contradiction. Perhaps we just mean to say “it’s legal, I have the right to do it”.

But remember as G.K. Chesterton once eloquently stated: “To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it”