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Nano-Me, Macro-Him.

” When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed it, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.” Luke 24 :30-31

There is a simple truth that is hidden in this meeting at Emaus with Our Lord after His Resurrection. Can you uncover it?

I know not of any Christian who would not wish upon themselves the blessings of Our Lord. We earnestly seek and desire God’s blessings in our lives. We wish to have His Hands in many aspects of lives, whether it be in our homes, in our finances, in our churches and even in our ministries. Is there any harm to that. Absolutely not. What does it mean to be blessed. For many people, I believe, the proof of God’s Blessings rests on the ability to enjoy a healthy life, and to be financially prosperous. In short really, it is the ability to feel happy in one’s own skin. But the undeniable truth is that we do not always receive what we ask for.

I would like now to bring your attention to the fact that Christ blessed something then broke it (almost immediately). The blessing results in the breaking. The prayer for “more” results in “less”. The request for “increase” results in  “decrease”.

The road to Emaus is my favorite story in the Bible. I think I said that a couple of times about a couple of different stories, haha, how can you not lov’em all. This one particularly because of its huge theological implications. But today no theology, I want to touch on the practical side of things. The question we ought to ask ourselves is “Do we want to be a blessing or a burden to others”? The majority of Christians would answer with the affirmative, that they would gladly want to be a blessing to others. So God blesses them ….and then breaks them.

“More of Him, Less of Me” Such is the cry of the sincere disciple. How do I get more of Christ, by getting less of MYself. As I fade, He takes center stage. As I decrease, He increases. I become Nano (greek for dwarf), He becomes Macro (greek for Large). That, is in essence, the true meaning of being blessed.

We have been blessed. Matter of fact, we have already been blessed. Needless to say, look around you and count them. What we lack is the “breaking”. But of course we dread being broken, we want to be blessed without being broken.  But here is the kicker, after He blessed the bread, and broke it, their eyes were open and they saw. Do you want to see? The sample answer is “be a blessing, AND a sacrifice of oneself for others”, imitating Christ, who did it so fervently on the Cross for you and I.


When I created this blog, I took quite a long time to figure out a name. After much reflection,  Nano-Maître was chosen, a play on word consisting of two parts: (i) what I specialized in for my doctoral studies, notably nanoscience/nanotechnology, the studies of phenomenon at the “nanometer” length scale which is  where I get “nanomètre”, with the aforementioned meaning of nano-“dwarf”. And (ii) a purposefully mispelled  Maître. It was meant to allude to my french beginnings, and what I aspired to be, at the time an itch for Academia. “A Maître” is a teacher. But “Maître” and “mètre”are homophones in French.

After writing this post, it became apparent to me that Christ, not I, is the quintessential “Nano-Maître”. He spent quite a bit of time teaching us how to lessen the self, to dwarf our ego , to decrease ourselves to a lenght scale that isn’t visible to the human eye”, so to speak: humility. So this morning, I was ecstatic to discover  the theological implications of having “nano-maître” as my blog title. Could it be that I studied this for a reason…Life will tell, but what an Irony in the midst of discerning a priestly vocation, although I must say His humour has a humbling effect.

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China’s Shopping Cart.

One of my favorite blogs to pass time on is Kim Jong Il looks at things, primarily because it is timeless. Granted, I haven’t had much time to blog lately, but I decided specifically today to create something similar, which I will from hereon I term “China’s shopping cart”.

The Asian powerhouse has a lot of money. What looks like retail therapy to some, actually has an undertone. China wants to be number one. Everyone does. But China has slightly a different approach to become #1: They will buy their way into it and if it means buying the number one of anything to become number one, then so be it. In economic theory, that may sound perfectly legit, but the idea that you are #1 has very little thing to do with money. cough, cough Manchester City. lol  This statement is true only for those who don’t worship gold coins. And so without further ado….

P.S: This shopping cart is a costco-sized shopping cart, with the IKEA wheels on it, not your regular walmart one that persists on going towards your right 😛

1– The Ivorian Superstar, Didier Drogba fresh off a win of the most prestigious title in club football: The Champion’s league was added to “China’s Shopping Cart” at an estimated 15 million dollars a year by Shangai Shenhua.Dont be mad at me. Vent your frustrations at this article or this one.

So that was really what startled me into writing this post. But with a little more research, guess what I found.

2Western Art: China has equally taken the art market by storm, buying the prosperous Picasso “Femmes lisant” at Sotheby’s for $21.4m and a Michelangelo black-chalk drawing at Christie’s for £3.2m ($5m). To the point that at Sotheby’s or Christie’s , the joke is whenever you see an Asian face the prices go up by 10 per cent. Read More here.

Why art? Why pay that much money for Art? when arguably China has some of the best art in the world, granted markedly different from western culture. Because, and this is my opinion, #thethirst for being validated.

3- Africa. Wait, did China really buy Africa? Well to be politically correct, no. They only bought African leaders. But the dissertation  of the neo-colonization of some African countries (give or take) emancipating from “Francafrique to Chinafrique” will not consume me this morning. I rebuke it :). But I urge you to feel free and indulge. Start here if you are bilingual.   Image

4. IBM, the computer division. This needs no explanation. If you had an IBM thinkpad, and now you have a lenovo thinkpad, you will see my point. No more comments on this.  Granted, that’s a bit of older news, but here is some more info on China buying the computer giant.

5. I came accross this picture on google. And I was like, wait someone thought of my title before. A picture is worth a thousand words:


….Regardless of how you feel, it is happening. Is it good or bad? I don’t know. But It’s chinese.