What did YOU do this summer? NEA Summer Research Program…

"Twas the best of times, 'twas the summer of 2011"

Whats is the NEA Summer Research at UCONN all about?

The short answer is Students leave home to come and spend 10 weeks at UCONN doing the following:

  • Conduct independent research in UConn laboratories
  • Receive supervision by a UConn Faculty Member and a near-peer Graduate Student Mentor
  • Present the results of your research in a poster presentation

    NEA research scholar explains his summer research to fellow NEA scholar at the Annual Summer Research Poster presentation

  • Participate in seminars and workshops on issues directly related to the academic, personal and professional growth of the student
  • Participate in academic enhancement activities: acquisition of additional laboratory and academic skills, and mentoring on academic/scientific careers
  • Visit with professionals on field trips and visit other research labs and educational facilities
  • Participate in social and cultural activities in New England.

Well it isn’t too late. 2012 is around the corner. APPLY!!!

Why do I, Darlington, care? Besides my deep passion for science, and science education, I am a graduate mentor in the program, the longest active to date (5th year NEA fellow). And my student this year was Fanta from Rust College. I am also in charge of immortalizing the great moments of the program.  Special Thanks go to Drs. Aggison and Washington for their steadfastness and to all other members of the NEA staff/family.

Graduate Mentor (left) with NEA scholar (right) at the annual closing ceremony.

….till next year,




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