Can you Touch the Ceiling? #DebtCeiling 5 thoughts

I remember growing up, we used to jump in an attempt to scrape the ceiling as a validation for “hops”. Well nothing has changed, and that same concept can be extrapolated to the US economy. However, a debt ceiling it is not something so desirable to want to touch.

But then you ask yourself, 14 trillions, who has that kind of money to lend…

This chart opened my eyes to the global economy…. with the perspective of things that matter to me.

(Dark purple) 1- No, The USA does not belong CHINA!! ….It is obviously evident that although 9.5% of 14 trillion is a big chump of money,  let’s hold off on adding “made in china” to the star-spangled banner, well at least for the moment.

(blue and red) 2- AMERICA owes AMERICA money, lots of it. This sounds like a bad case of  4 1 9   that ended terribly wrong. But I must tip my hat to the american people (obama’s voice), they have shown composure and maturity, (contrasting that to Washington)  throughout this whole fiasco.

(light purple) 3- BRAZILIANS  have made quite a bit of money from soccer. 🙂 I kid, I kid… i just love that country. La Selecao, The next world cup 2014 and Christ the REDEEMER   sum up briefly why “DESTINATION:BRAZIL” is in my bucket list.

(light green)4- Does “OIL EXPORTERS” have to be in quotation marks? I mean, can you pretend being one? Just curious…

(Bluish) 5-“I think we don’t credit the Japanese enough” ..Somehow, with my limited and humble knowledge of global economics, I think that the 6% of Japan outweighs the 9% of china…. in terms of  “worth” or for lack of a better word…”overall swag”

As I write this, Obama just signed the bill….the world can breathe and i still can’t touch the ceiling…(shaking my head)…my hops are gone.



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