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#ThisWeekInLiterature – Cholesterol Crawl”

How Fast Do Cholesterol shuttle in and out of cell?

This is a question that is yet to be answered using hard science (or at least accurately), yet it is so paramount considering the many functions that cholesterol holds besides being infamously nomenclatured as the scapegoat for heart-attack. Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory have used neutron bombardment to probe into the dynamics of such molecules trajectory in and out of cells. The findings are published in the journal of Biophysics[1], while a short editorial is published in Nature.

Garg, S., Porcar, L., Woodka, A. C., Butler, P. D. & Perez-Salas, U. Biophys. J. (2011). .

Nano-Video – Will it change the way we “view” science

This is exciting. adds a new dimension to the way we “view” science.  A visual component – nanovideo – in what it seems to give a brief explanation/introduction to the finding that made an impact is now available on the website.

This is great for all the enthusiasts  who perhaps have no time to devote ample time to read extensive amounts of literature outside their expertise, or to your day-to-day scientist who finally could get to put a face to the name of his far-colleagues in the field. That would be me :).

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you nano-video.

Do you care to know what graphene is? Probably not.

But If I told you why is it that when you drag a pencil on a piece of paper, it leaves a well defined mark. Something that is so entranched into our daily activities holds enormous and beautiful basic science.

Watch Prof. James Tour chat on the topic here, one of his expertise [Graphene Oxide Synthesis].

Chauffeur? … I’ll pass

Are Flying cars here yet?….No and perhaps not for quite a bit longer. But we’re inching closer to it. It turns out that the state of Nevada approved something out of the ordinary. You can read the article here.

No way!!! a driverless car?

I don’t know about you, but I certainly welcome the initiative… If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. Thus, more time, to do last minute presentations on my way to the talk, or to read papers while on a road trip… 🙂 etc..etc..

Moreover let’s remember that cars don’t get into accidents, human beings do. This is certainly a move into the right direction considering increasing rates of  drunk-driving or driving while sleeping, or texting while driving? AND LET’S FACE IT, SOME PEOPLE JUST SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING!

Well besides the soaring technological advancement we are currently undergoing, certainly with nanotechnology at the forefront of research initiatives… there is a question at hand worth asking…

“What will human beings be good for?”

This image-Quote puts in perspective a plausible outcome.


Echoing the French Idiom, “A Chacun pour soi, Dieu pour tous.”



Needless to say, the competition is getting fierce…