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Nigeria: Over 100 R&D Products Await Commercialization – By Alex Abutu

Article Reposted from Science In Africa.


Nigeria: Over 100 R&D Products Await Commercialization – By Alex Abutu

Failure to commercialize existing research is holding back Nigeria’s economic development, minister of science and technology, Mohammed Ka’oje Abubakar, has said. He identified a lack of ‘demand-driven’ research, and poor links between research institutes and the private sector, as the main culprits. “Nigeria has not attained any appreciable capacity to translate successful research and development results into products. The manufacturing sector now contributes a mere three per cent to GDP and most of the technologies Nigeria requires to sustain its economy are imported, expensive and difficult to adapt,” he told a press briefing aimed at investors. To reverse the trend, Nigeria should learn from technologically advanced nations that spend a significant percentage of their GDP on R&D; it is clear that investment in science leads to technological and economic development. The minister presented a list of R&D results from research institutes across Nigeria that are awaiting commercialization to  encourage investors and financial institutions willing to partner with the

The plan is to make a “quantum leap of the commercializable results
of our R&D from the laboratory to the market”, he said.
The list contains more than 100 novel products and technologies
– in the fields of agriculture, engineering, energy and health- such
as an organic fertilizer, a cassava peeling machine and an electronic
voting system.His call came after plans to cut the country’s science
budget were announced Umar Bindir, director general
of Nigeria’s National Office for Technology Acquisition and
Promotion (NOTAP), said that it was cheaper for pharmaceutical
companies and other industries to import ready-made R&D than
to take up successful results from Nigerian institutes.
“Such procurement has been institutionalized in the country but
we can overcome this by establishing a national research council to
coordinate activities which will ensure that research becomes
demand-driven,” he said. Daniel Gwary, a crop scientist at
the University of Maiduguri, said the government and the private
sector have failed to acknowledge the place of R&D and talks of
demand-driven research would not have any impact until Updates
on policymakers understand the importance of scientific research
in development.( SciDev.Net)


Beware of Freudian Slips – #ObamaGotOsama

OBamagotOSama…. I hear pundits, vibrant with healthy skepticism,  and ironically following the sunday where Doubting Thomas’ was the Gospel reading calling it the biggest BS of our time especially upon hearing the conditions by which the villain  and “successor of hitler” was laid to rest.

This is not a commentary on the death of Osama, although I must say that I am eager to write one, but I must wait and observe the unfolding of the different events happening around this topic.

I am thus limited to comment on the speech yesterday, given by the president of United States of America, which will most arguably be one of the top benchmarks of his presidency . It had a quotable that exemplifies the rhetoric genius that I always praised Pres. Obama for:

“Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader , he was a mass murderer of muslims ” – Obama


It was important that  the president alienates the acts of Bin Laden, a self-proclaimmed criminal, apart from the islamic religion.
Shortly after the speech, I tweeted:
“It is reconcilable to have a major stride AGAINST terrorism, and FOR Islam… Obama did a good job in relaying that.” – @sirdarlington
Instead of writing a full commentary,  I have logically decided to have a live-updating compilation of the few, but notable articles/blogs/commentaries that I read on this subject. So without further ado…..
-Ezra Klein, of the washington Post has a great OBL list.
Pakistan does have a lot of explaining to do. I agree with Sen Carl Levin. Wonder how Karzai  feels about all this as in “I told you he wasnt here” – Don’t you just love Politicians, soooo predictable.
Perhaps one of the most fascinating stories, is the live twitter-er ( his twitter page can be found here) who was tweeting leisurely (and without knowledge) the biggest mission Operation of our decade…This could be the most plausible alibi against the pundits who are still doubting. And more reasons to get a twitter account.
And by the way, For one’s sake can someone tell Hamas to sit down….!!!
Last but not least for now, NOT ENOUGH CREDIT CAN BE GIVEN TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO CONTINUOUSLY PUT THEMSELVES IN HARM’S WAY.Read this fascinating record of “the secret team that killed Bin Laden”
… Between a Royal Wedding, A death and A beatification, the Month of May is announcing itself with a bang….Heck, call it jobsecurity for the media…. !
Cheers, for now, see you soon.