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No Gbagbo, now What’s Next?

“La Cote D’ivoire de Reconciliation”-

Active steps must be taken from here onwards both by the government and by the people (inland and diaspora) to reconstruct the country. Abidjan must regain its title of “la perle des lagunes”. The virtual iron curtain must be torn down. How can this be done?

1-RESTORER L’ORDRE /RESTORING ORDER –   FDS AND FRCI MUST ( absolute MUST) UNITE, NOT JUST ON PAPER, but physically, psychologically,  and with the same mindset, on the same page . In transition periods, the strenght of the army is paramount for future stability. This will restore a sense of and peace as troops should be actively roaming streets to ensure security. Furthermore, the armed forces will be setting a precedent , an examplary one at that for the people.

2- ASSIGN A SPECIFIC TASK TO THE FRENCH ARMY  “LA LICORNE” with a timeline within which they must begin to decrease active troops inIvorycoast. The details of this must be negotiated between both governments and its purpose is to empower the Ivorian army to retake sole and full control of its country. This  can entail in the proper training of newly enlisted youth army that should include all militia/rebels/young patriots and all willing to join for the objective of reunification.

3- LAST BUT NOT LEAST… the future president must start thinking longterm… and even past his mandate. Now is NOT the time to hire people who did you a favor, they did it for their country if anything. NOW IS THE TIME TO START TAKING IN RESUMES OF THE MOST QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED IVORIANS BOILING WITH IDEAS AND ENTHUSED BY A UNIQUE LOVE OF THEIR COUNTRY in  building  a team that can pull Ivorycoast out of the crisis.

Many more things out to be done as well but in the meantime

VIVE LA PAIX ET  VIVE LA COTE D’IVOIRE. May God Continues to bless la Cote D’ivoire.


The black student association (BSA) held its annual fashion this past Saturday April 9th at UCONN .

The entirety of the show’s pictures can be found here :

I will post an album at my convenience on my Facebook page in due time. Meanwhile feel free to copy to your leisure.

Cheers, and have a lovely week.



Ivory Coast: Can ADO thread the thin waters of Unity and Credibility ?

From Patrice Lumumba to Adolf Hitler, Laurent Gbagbo, incumbent president, has been likened to many.  On the otherhand, his counterpart, Alassane Ouattara (ADO), has often been lauded by the media and of course by the West as the good guy.  It is now the end of the first trimester since the November elections. Although these elections were  held for a more stable reunification of the country,  they accomplished the very opposite: A fluid situation that has terrified most, displaced multitudes and unfortunately took the lives of one too many.  Yet the situation is intensifying, and the political stalemate that now exists in Cote D’ Ivoire, a once prosperous country of the west Coast of Africa, has exponentially decayed at the expense of civilians.

There is certainly a national/diaspora consensus that the rhetoric has mostly shifted away from the political lens to humanitarian aid and peace activism.  Patrick Smith of Africa Reports was entirely correct when he stated :

“The majority party is neither the LMP (Gbagbo’s) nor the RHDP (ADO’s). It is now the peace party.

However, Peace is not the absence of war. Let’s not fool ourselves.  It is actually very utopian to believe that switching the rhethoric will bring about peace. No in fact, there needs to be quite a bit of work done  to bring down the virtual curtain that still lingers in the hearts of many.

The situation is complex from all angles and has exposed without reservations years of History, Pride, Patriotism, Democracy, identity… you name it.

In writing this excerpt I was most concerned with what needs to be done strategically from here onwards, as opposed to assigning blame that could inevitably deepen the wounds.

The question thus at hand is what steps in an ADO’s  presidency need to be  taken to mend broken bridges, steps which he hopes to foresee with changes he has implemented in his recent address.

Flashback: I am quickly reminded of the division that occured within the democratic party at the end of the primaries, and how paramount it was that unity be regained for the sake of winning the overall election and crucial unity of the democratic party. Obama faced some very tough choices, including distancing himself from “Ami de longue date” Reverend Wright, and much later nominating Hillary not VP, but secretary of state. Each of his decision were intricate and as a result required a complex analysis from political strategists from both sides of the table. Although I am not here to sanction American politics as the cookie cutter,  I do believe that valuable lessons can be drawn from his story [Obama’s], MAINLY THAT DECISIONS TAKEN BY ADO IN THE NEAR FUTURE WILL IN NO WAY BE TRIVIAL, AND WILL REQUIRE AN ALL-EMCOMPASSING ANALYSIS FROM BOTH PERSPECTIVES. Not only these decisions will in the longterm make or break his presidency, they are crucial to solidify the  fragile state of peace that exists therein.

As a primary examples of a couple of those tough questions: the proverbial “Reverend-Wrights” to an ADO’s presidency would be:

i) Sarkozy’s subpar foreign policy on CIV which the opposition has  milked to their advantage and consequentially vilified him [ADO] for his association with the “ennemy”.

ii) Soro Guillaume, the unanimous figurehead of the rebellion, sitting right by his side as prime minister  is a perpetual reminder of a bloody decade, one that would be haunting ADO’s past and credibility.

How do you essentially distance yourself far enough from key allies who have directly or indirectly contributed in your ascension to power in some form or another. This, with the primary objective of reunification by healing the open wounds of the masses, [and of course you won’t please all], but a sincere effort must be done to reach out to all  as “President of all Ivorians”  whose wounds are still burning from a somber and recent past.

This is the dilemma that backdrops an ADO presidency, and the intricacies of his making such decisions lie deeply at the interface of diplomacy and politics. Can He do it??? Will He do it?? The future shall tell.

In the meantime, Vive la Paix et vive la Cote D’ Ivoire.


UCONN goes on a 14 game-winstreak, beating returning finalist Butler in the final  game to win both the BIG EAST and the  2011 NCAA tournament championship. Congratulations to the Huskies on a wonderful performance.

For a complete slideshow of pictures captured that night …CLICK ON THE PICTURE.