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Are women Leaders The Answer to Peace?

More may be warranted in answering that question…

For example advocates for a yes may give examples such as Liberia’s Sirleaf, relative peace post-Charles Taylor .

However, one needs not venturing across the Atlantic to debunkle this rather old myth. During my daily news readings i came across this op-ed by David Gergen (one of my personal favorite on CNN by the way), within which he points out a rather interesting fact on this topic:

“One irony, as a female friend put it, is that for years many of us believed that if only more women could gain power, the world would surely become more peaceful. Yet, we now see that the three people who talked Obama into using force against Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi were all women — Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. Leading male advisers were opposed.” –

David Gergen, CNN Senior Political Analyst

Sorry if this didn’t tickle your fancies. I chuckled when I read it…Also, this is by no means a referendum on USA foreign policy in Lybia. Thats a much more complicated issue that I’d humbly  would not want to indulge. This is rather a snippet that is part of a larger trend which I shall be discussing in a future post titled “Women are taking over.”


What does it mean to be black in America?

Jalen Rose vs. Grant Hill apparently exchanged a few words through media.

Watch this video.

Then while you’re there…meditate on this pic. Do we have an Identity Crisis?

Why do I even bother with this…because I stopped counting how many times somone told me:


“You’re not black”  –

or “you’re not you’re average black”

or “you’re not the regular black”

I just press ignore…and decide to be part of the solution, by just being Chidi.


These are arguably Two of the  top highest rated scientific journals: One is British, one is American.


Both very different vocabularies in their coverage of Japan… Perhaps something you ought to pay closer attention to.


I’ve seen titles such as: “Anger over Japan Nuclear Exodus” by BBC , Warning of an apocalypse as fallout hits danger” by the Telegraph – and even “US Alarm over japanese atomic crisis” also by BBC.

Maybe it is just the oversensitization of the media or maybe I am being overly selective and …but, there has got to be more to it…  and here lies the conundrum:… Europeans and Japanese are fierce competitors for the American consumer.Perhaps i know not enough on this subject matter but I would gladly be humbled by further education, so please do educate me.

Just an observation.

Who is more cruel: MAN or NATURE ?

“Human Beings can do just about anything, literally anything, if given enough time and resources”. FACT OF FICTION?  – I ‘d say FACT…Sounds like i am pretty confident about my specie.

I mean let’s look at the facts:

We have a proven record over history, time and time again, to come up with remedies of diseases that plague us… (assuming that the bureaucracy isn’t counterproductive)  “#winning”

We barely need to leave the confines of our homes with the internet, saving time that can be reallocated to other needs. “#winning”

We go to space on regular basis to the point that we seek to now build an elevator to shuttle things back and forth…  “#winning”

and etc… and etc… “All we do is win mehn”. except and its a big one, … EXCEPT when we face NATURE. yep. “NATURE” is undefeated… I even once read a tweet that said “nature is cruel”, some would say “nature is a beast”, the irony of that!!!. Could “NATURE” be a subtle reminder that something outside of our egocentric, individualistic self may just be larger than us.

Nope this isn’t your typical religious fanatic,  it’s the “end of the world” speech…Although I would urge all, in the words of my Lord to “STAY AWAKE” .

I thought of writing today when i saw this news, scrolling down my daily feed after Mass…: “Japanese nuclear plant declares state of emergency”.  I immediately shivered. Well one may ask what is the big deal? I feared the worst so i tweeted on impulse:


Nuclear power is loose,  Japan into state of emergency- Here lies the irony of “human protection” -ending up being self-destructive.

Well the effects of radioactive particles in the air  can be far more “crual” to humanity than any natural catastrophy that happened ever. Well, one may say: “It is still nature’s fault, if it wasn’t for the tsunamis, there would be no emergencies to begin with.” .

Well, our various top-notch nations in their ascension to world domination have standardized the nuclear weapons to qualify absolute power. They saw it fit that protection of human lives (in a given country) is by acquiring arsenal that will threaten human lives (in another).  The most logical question here would be: What if these arsenal turn against us ?

In the bigger scheme of things, just as the Lord came in a manger, not a single soul would expect the end of the world to be a self-destructive tragedy. And in that case would it really be  nature’s fault or our fault. Tectonic plates must realign, we can continue to blame nature in fear, plus nature has no lawyers… but in a bit of self-examination, perhaps we should begin to look at the man in the mirror.

P.S. I applaud the various efforts made by the NWS recently (better late than never) to reduce nuclear content within their cocktail of arsenal.  And I sincerely hope it isn’t political talk.

P.S. We must continue to pray for those affected in Japan… Such events bring humanity much closer and there are no doubts about it…The antidot of a “cold war” would be a “warm hug”. It’s sad that it takes humanity  catastrophes of this size to make such step… We still continue to thank God.

Carbon Nanotubes do it again

Have you been complaining of your laptop battery lifetime – or perhaps your phone died when you needed it most?

The smallest conducting material known to man as of now, carbon nanotubes, shows potential of miniaturizing and extending battery life –

The work is published in the latest science express publication – March 2010-

Via“@nanopatents: New Technology Would Dramatically Extend Battery Life For Mobile Devices”

Why did you have to make Eve sooo dumb?

Adam asks the Lord, why did you have to make EVE so darn beautiful- The Lord answers- “that’s easy, simply just so you can love her”. Then interestingly Adam asked a second question: “Why did you have to make EVE so dumb?” -The lord then answers- “so she can love you.”

ON THIS International Women’s Day…we salute thee O Woman.

(International women’s day is today)

O WOMAN, On behalf of all the men, I salute thee thus, for being just that, a woman. In a world where everything seemingly is out to marginalize thee ( including feminism, birth control pills, pro-choice… and worst of all abortion) , you still stand strong, undeterred.

Again and again, you have jeopardized  your life to bear new life, my life. What else could be more Christ-like.

If it is true that a human being is both body and soul (and it is certainly true), and if it is equally true that the soul lasts for eternity (and that is indisputable) then you remain the only being ever created to bear two or more eternal souls at once within your body. Yes the whole eternity wombed up within you. YOU ARE SACRED. And that’s #winning (to interject some contemporaries)

I have no words to express the gratitude i have for thee, woman , but that it shan’t be limited to 24 hours, nor 23 Chromosomes, nor  for all the 22/7 (pies) that you baked for me... …for you deserve a lifetime, better yet an eternity worth of appreciation.

Mary, Mother of God- Ora Pro Nobis.